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Low Budget

Low Budget Make a minimal inventory, at least of the number of boxes or items that you have. The more description you do the better (more information on description can be found here). Organize things by type of item, put photographs with photographs and newspapers with other newspapers. This is particularly important for paper, as … More Low Budget

No budget

There are a few things that you can do that are a good place to start, and will give you the basic measures needed to make sure your materials are safe. Do not store your important media, paper, or photographs somewhere that it could be easily damaged. This includes floors, top shelves of closets, under … More No budget

Finding Aid for the Nebraska Native American Film Collections

Nebraska Native American Film Collections Title: Nebraska Native American Film Collections Creator:  Vision Maker Media; Olson, Paul; Nebraska Educational Television Dates: 1972-1990 Series: I. Images of Indians, Vision Maker Media 2. Paul Olson Papers, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 3. Junior League of Lincoln, Nebraska Historical Society 4. Vision Maker Media Film and Video Collection Language: English Restrictions: None Copyright: To inquire … More Finding Aid for the Nebraska Native American Film Collections

Paper Records

Paper records reflect what people think of traditionally as archives. They vary from institutional records and government documents to correspondence and diaries, and even in a digital world they continue to be a major part of the record of cultural and institutional life. In fact, the production of paper has increased substantially since the advent … More Paper Records


Description is one of the most important principles of archives, and is an important step to protecting and managing your materials. It is important to work within what you are capable of doing. There are standards for archival description that you can use as a guideline to make sure that your materials are easily searchable … More Description


Audio is one of the most difficult types of materials to care for, because of playback obsolescence and fragility of original format. Most audio formats are also easily damaged and once they are damaged they are very difficult to recover. Many audio archives specialize in restoring audio materials as well as preserving and transferring them, since … More Audio

Film and Video

Film and Video presents many of the same issues as photography and audio materials. It is very important to pay careful attention to temperature and humidity, and most film is best stored at a slightly lower temperature. Because many film and video formats are open reel, it is important to be extremely careful in handling … More Film and Video


Photographs are one of the most commonly archived material in personal and community archives, and require some special care and handling for their long-term preservation. Digital photography is similar to other digital files, addressed in another post. Digital photographers should be aware of the problem of proprietary software based on camera brands, for example, many raw … More Photographs